Streptokill is used not only for streptococcal or other bacterial infections, but also for viral diseases accompanied by an increased incidence of bacteria. These can cause secondary problems, such as "scratching" throat or poor healing and could worsen and prolong the course of the disease.

Sore throat

It is advisable to follow the dosage indicated on the Streptokill label, ie. Spray 5-20 times a day 2-4x on the

Sinus pain

In general, it is possible to apply Streptokill in more than one cavity, so look for the method of application for


If we want to apply Streptokill to the nose, we recommend diluting it first, because the application of undiluted


Spray Streptokill into a small glass, soak a cotton swab or cloth in it, and rub the acne gently. Application of

Ear pain

If there is inflammation in the ear, then the application of undiluted Streptokill can be quite painful. In general

Mouth ulcer

For aphthae we can apply Streptokill directly with an oral applicator, or it is possible to spray Streptokill

Sore gums

Apply to the gums either directly with the oral applicator or with a cotton swab soaked in Streptokill, and rub the


Herpes should be treated with Streptokill as often as possible, with care if using the oral applicator so that


Hemorrhoids can be spread with diluted Streptokill. First, spray 1 part of Streptokill into a small glass


Apply directly on the gums either with an oral applicator, or you can spray Streptokill into a small glass, soak

Vaginal infection

Dilute Streptokill in a 1:3 ratio (alternatively, 1:6) and gently spread around the area of the vagina. You may also soak

Open wounds

Apply Streptokill directly to the area that you wish to disinfect, ideally using the direct oral applicator. If you are


It is best to apply Streptokill directly with an oral applicator, and if the area is not painfully cracked, rub Streptokill


Dilute Streptokill first. Spray 1 part Streptokill into the glass (40 sprays = approx. 4 ml), then add 3 parts