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On this page, we will publish press releases about Streptokill as well as tonsillitis.
We believe that, despite the strengthening resistance of bacteria, we can bring rather positive news.

For journalists

PRESS RELEASE - November 6, 2014

STREPTOkill entered the Czech market.

After several preparatory months, STREPTOkill was registered at the Czech patent office in October, and on the 5th of November the STREPTOkill notification has been finalized with the Czech Ministry of Health.

In the Czech Republic, as in other European and World countries, STREPTOkill has ambitions to become the strongest alternative on the medical market to frequent throat pains and recurrent bouts of tonsillitis.

The latest discoveries and research on tonsillitis treatment can now be found on, which is a part of the multi-national portals and Detailed information about STREPTOkill, which can be used to treat tonsillitis as well as to help with other problems caused by overgrowth of bacteria, can be found on the product website The official online store and information for pharmacies and hospitals can be found on

BIORG EU Ltd., the official distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia


(Note: Name of distributor updated 1.12.2016.)

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