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100% natural antiseptic which primarily uses the astringent effect of tannins extracted from oak. These, supported by other natural extracts, are specially concentrated to achieve exceptional anti-inflammatory effects; personal customers' reviews can be found on TONSILS.EU and ANGINA.EU.

Stuffy nose

Adult dosage:

For nose application, it is highly recommended to dilute STREPTOkill, as direct consumption causes discomfort or pain. We recommend you to take one portion of Streptokill (20 spurts = ca 2 ml) and six portions of water (teaspoonful = ca 12 ml). Having prepared this mixture, tilt your head back and pour the diluted Streptokill into your nostrils. The easiest way to do so is with help of a hypodermic syringe. You may also use an empty Streptokill bottle and its applicator.


Common cold

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, common cold or simply a cold is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose. As its name indicates it is very common illness from which people suffer all year long, mostly during fall and winter. Main causes are well over 200 virus strains (most common are rhinoviruses and influenza).


Signs and symptoms:

The most typical symptom of a cold is a runny nose. The sputum is clear and loose in the beginning, but with cold's progress it changes color and density. That happens because of the nasal infection. A cold is sometimes accompanied by nasal congestion, a sore throat, a headache and general tiredness.



A cold is often treated with nasal drops which keep airways clear. A few days in bed is highly recommended. STREPTOkill is a great choice in case of cold treating. You can either use clear or diluted form depending on cold's seriousness; for strong nasal congestion it is better to spurt Streptokill in its non-diluted form (that might cause strong feeling of burning inside your nose at first few seconds). For kids we recommend to dilute Streptokill in a ratio mentioned above.

A cold connected with pollen (or any other) allergy is treated with allergy-related treatment.



The best prevention is to harden oneself and adding a healthy routine of vitamin C supplements into our diet.

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