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100% natural antiseptic which primarily uses the astringent effect of tannins extracted from oak. These, supported by other natural extracts, are specially concentrated to achieve exceptional anti-inflammatory effects; personal customers' reviews can be found on TONSILS.EU and ANGINA.EU.

Sore throat

Authentic experiences of patients who have used Streptokill for the treatment of sore throats→ (Unedited, left as they were sent to us by customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia)

Dosage of Streptokill for sore throat

Sore throats can have many causes. Generally, it can be described as an infection that is as bad as is the condition of the tonsils. The cause may be not only bacterial (i.e. streptococcus pyogenes), but often also viral, in which case our immune systems must fight it. Even with viral infections, however, increased bacterial infections are a common symptom, for which proper disinfection of the throat is necessary.

For treatment of sore throats, you can easily follow the dosage instructions provided on the packaging of Streptokill, i.e. spray 5-20 times a day, 2-4 times directly to the affected area of the throat and swallow, or dilute Streptokill in a small glass using 1 part Streptokill (20 sprays = approx 2 ml) + 3 parts water (1 teaspoon = ca. 6 ml) and gargle. The frequency and dosage should be adjusted according to the intensity of each person's symptoms.


Sore throat

Sore throats are a very common problem that affect the majority of human beings. The unpleasant sensations associated with this condition can range from mild to severe. Let’s mention several types.


Pain in the throat may have a number of different causes, but the most common of these are either viral or bacterial infections.


Viral causes of throat pain:

-the common cold

-the flu


Symptoms of the common cold are very similar to the symptoms of the flu, only the latter's symptoms tend to be more intense and longer-lasting. Mononucleosis comes with a long-lasting feeling of tiredness, pain in the throat and headaches.


Bacterial causes of throat pain:

- tonsillitis, diphtheria, and streptococcus bacteria

- gonorrhea and Chlamydia


Additional causes include:

- sore neck muscles

- reflux esophagitis

- irritants (air pollution, dust, etc.)

- dryness

- allergies

- difficulty swallowing

- enlarged tonsils

- white spots or pus on the tonsils

- scratchy throat

- hoarse voice


The treatment of throat pain depends on its causes.

- home remedies and techniques (gargling with saltwater, various herbal teas and gargling solutions)

- In the case of throat pain with a viral cause, treatment tends to be unnecessary, as the pain does not generally last long. It is important to prevent dehydration, to avoid stress, and to maintain a regular body temperature. At home, use of an air humidifier is recommended, because dry air causes further irritation in the throat.

- In the case of throat pain with a bacterial cause, antibiotics are usually prescribed.

- For any other causes, it is necessary to find a situation-specific treatment plan.

A highly important factor in the prevention of sore throats is good personal hygiene; washing hands frequently, using hand disinfectants.

Reducing contact with ill people, not sharing glasses, silverware, etc.

Limiting time outside on days when air quality is low.

Not smoking and avoiding environments in which there is smoke.

Humidifying the air, when too dry.

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