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100% natural antiseptic which primarily uses the astringent effect of tannins extracted from oak. These, supported by other natural extracts, are specially concentrated to achieve exceptional anti-inflammatory effects; personal customers' reviews can be found on TONSILS.EU and ANGINA.EU.

Insect bites

Dosage after insect bites

Not only tick, but also other biting and stinging insects can cause infections and diseases dangerous to human. To eliminate possible risks, it is highly desirable to disinfect any stings or bites as soon as possible, whether made by a mosquito, wasp, tick, or any other insects.

Streptokill is very suitable for this purpose because it not only protects against the development of infection, but also neutralizes the bites, so in most cases reaction does not occur at all.

It is of course appropriate to apply Streptokill not only immediately after the bite but also any time later especially if the bite begins to itch or gets red and inflamed.

As we are not treating an open wound, it is better to gently rub Streptokill into the affected area. Eventually attach a piece of clean cloth filled with Streptokill for a few hours.

Do not forget that every insect bite could cause serious disease even after a few weeks or months after the bite itself. Thus, if tiredness, fever or any other groundless symptoms happen, contact your doctor immediately.


Insect Bites

We all have been bitten or stung by insect at one time or another. Whether it was caused by a wasp, bee, mosquito or ant, it was most certainly unpleasant experience. For the luckier ones of us, who don't suffer from any allergies, it went away without major complications. Problem arise when comes to place an allergic reaction.

Most people experience itching or burning sensation in the place where the insect struck. Most of the time red coloration appears in the area together with minor swelling. People with allergies have much more severe reaction; the swelling is larger, skin is redder and some people may experience a shock. In some cases, without medical help, a person may even die.

Some symptoms of severe allergic reaction where person should be taken to a doctor:

- difficulty breathing

- distinct skin coloration

- weariness

- rapid pulse

- feeling sick or vomiting

- loss of consciousness

What to do:
When a sting is still in the wound it should be removed immediately without squeezing it to prevent distribution of venom into the wound. Next we should attend the swelling. The wound can be iced or cooled with water. It is a good idea to elevate affected area about heart level.

STREPTOKILL can be applied to the wound. It is perfect solution for neutralizing the venom and it is also very good for lowering the swelling while it also disinfects the wound at the same time.

You can use painkillers to lower the pain. When stinging and itching persists, use of antihistamines comes to place to suppress the symptoms.

At home we can use vinegar to shrink the swelling, baking soda or wash the wound with soap water.

Our advice is: Don't get stung. If we know that we have an allergic reaction, then it is good to carry with you STREPTOKILL, antihistamine pills, adrenaline pen or at least some cream to dress the wound.

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