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100% natural antiseptic which primarily uses the astringent effect of tannins extracted from oak. These, supported by other natural extracts, are specially concentrated to achieve exceptional anti-inflammatory effects; personal customers' reviews can be found on TONSILS.EU and ANGINA.EU.

Disinfection of water

Authentic experiences of patients who have used Streptokill to treat wounds and scrapes→ (Unedited, left as they were sent to us by customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia)


Dosage of Streptokill for water disinfection

Spray Streptokill into that water that you wish to disinfect. An appropriate ratio is 1:200 at least, i.e. 1 ml of Streptokill (ca. 10 sprays from the oral applicator) for 2 dc of water. Stir thoroughly. Streptokill, of course, does not guarantee that the disinfected water will be 100% potable, but it is a natural antiseptic and can therefore be a great help in cases of acute dehydration, when there is a need to drink water of unknown quality.


Disinfection of Water

Many forms of bacteria, viruses and foreign substances can be found in water; these may cause illness in the people who injest them. Because of this, it is good to disinfect (destroy harmful organisms and prevent their reproduction) any water that has come from an unknown or unreliable source.

Methods of disinfection:

Water can be treated in several ways, including:

- chemically (using tablets, powders, liquid chemicals or natural substances, which are added to the water)

- mechanically (using various filtration systems, UV lamps, gamma rays, sound or heat treatment)

Pros and cons:

Reasons for the disinfection of water absolutely outweigh the reasons for not doing so. One of the few disadvantages of chemical treatment is that some chemicals have only a limited number of possible uses before they become harmful to the human body; these chemicals are typically not permitted for use on water meant for the preparation of infants' food.

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