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Streptokill is 100% natural nevertheless the more effective killer of streptococci, other bacteria and mould. It uses primarily the astringent effect of tannins extracted from oak. These are specially concentrated in Streptokill and achieve exceptional anti-inflammatory effects supported by other natural extracts contained in Streptokill.


Dosage of Streptokill after depilation

Apply Streptokill onto depilated areas with oral applicator. Then smear with clean hand. If the area lies near eyes, it is better to spurt some Streptokill into a glass first and then apply with soaked tampon. If you happen to get your eyes afflict with Streptokill, wash them immediately with water.

Frequency is not restricted, but in case of depilation, one application after the procedure is mostly enough.


Depilation and Epilation

Since the ancient times people have always took interest in removing facial and body hair. Depilation is removing unwanted hair, but only their visible part. Epilation is hair removal together with its root. There are many reasons why people remove their hair: aesthetical reason, hygienic, religious or medical.

Examples of depilation:

There are several techniques how to remove hair:

- shaving is the most common way

- with use of chemicals (depilation creams, powders or gels)

- friction

Examples of epilation:

- plucking

- waxing

- laser epilation

- chemical epilation

- epilator needle

- photo epilation

Possible side effects:

Sometimes, side effects occur after hair depilation. For example minor scars, bumps, inflamed hair follicle, skin inflammation, blisters, ingrown hair, minor burns etc.

Taking care of side effects:

Often it is enough to leave the skin alone and let it heal itself. But there are ways how to quicken the healing. We can ice the affected area, or use some soothing products similar to those we use after sunbathing, like creams and lotion with extract from aloe vera and other calming ingredients. For minor cuts and bumps you can apply STREPTOKILL to the wound and massage it into the skin.

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