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Streptokill is 100% natural nevertheless the more effective killer of streptococci, other bacteria and mould. It uses primarily the astringent effect of tannins extracted from oak. These are specially concentrated in Streptokill and achieve exceptional anti-inflammatory effects supported by other natural extracts contained in Streptokill.


Dosage for thrush:

Apply Streptokill either with oral applicator or spray a bit of it in a glass, soak a cotton swab in it and rub the thrush gently but as often as possible.

The frequency of application is not limited. The sooner and the more frequently you apply Streptokill the better effect is achieved.


What are thrushes?
Thrushes are tiny painful blisters or boils of whitish sometimes yellowish color. They find their home in oral cavity, mostly on the inner side of lips, on gums, tongue or inner cheek. Thrushes are mostly small, but sometimes you might come across a larger one which grows to a scale of a few centimeters.

The origin of thrushes isn't really clear. There are many discussions regarding their contagiousness going on as well. Common believe is that thrushes mostly occur during lower immunity level, stress, and with oral cavity wounds. More affected people are smokers and people with dentures. Genetic also play its role.

There is no age restriction for thrushes, though the most affected group is youngsters, mostly women for that matter. Children are not an exception as well.

Thrushes usually disappear by themselves after few days. It's actually hard to cure thrushes because of their unknown source. The most common 'medication' is vitamins and immunity supporters. There is also a variety of numbing products made to reduce the pain which naturally comes with thrushes.

Another option is the usage of Streptokill which can be applied directly on the thrush or used as a mouth wash.

If thrushes don't react to the treatment, stay for a long period of time, or frequently come back, it is better to visit your family doctor.

Healthy diet is definitely the best way to avoid thrushes. Immunity supporters, being mostly vitamins like vitamin C and B. If you get thrushes after certain meals it is better to avoid those as well.

Another very important factor is personal hygiene; do not forget to wash your hands before every meal and also wash all of your washable groceries.

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