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100% natural antiseptic which primarily uses the astringent effect of tannins extracted from oak. These, supported by other natural extracts, are specially concentrated to achieve exceptional anti-inflammatory effects; personal customers' reviews can be found on TONSILS.EU and ANGINA.EU.


Authentic experiences of patients who have used Streptokill for the treatment of thrush→ (Unedited, left as they were sent to us by customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia)

Application of Streptokill for thrush:

You may apply Streptokill either directly, with the oral applicator, or indirectly by spraying a bit of it into a glass, soaking a cotton swab in it, and then rubbing the affected areas.

The frequency of application is not limited.


What are thrushes?

Thrushes are painful, white, sometimes yellowish blisters or boils which appear in the oral cavity, most often on the inner lips, the gums, the tongue or the inner cheeks. They may grow to the size of several centimeters, but are generally smaller.


The origin of thrushes is yet to be clarified; discussion continue as to the degrees of their contagiousness. The common believe is that thrushes are most often the result of weakened immunity, stress, and injuries in the oral cavity. Often, smokers and people with dentures are affected, and genetics may also play a role.


Thrushes may appear in people of all age groups, but young people, followed by women, are the groups most likely to suffer from them. Occurances in young children are not unknown, either.

What to do:

Thrushes usually disappear by themselves after a few days. It is difficult to treat them, because of their aformentioned unknown causes. Most often, however, vitamins and immunity supporters are used, or numbing products made to render the pain that accompanies thrushes more tolerable.

Furthermore, Streptokill, which can be applied directly onto the thrush or used as a mouth wash, may be utilized.

If the thrushes do not react to treatment and nevertheless either presist for a long period of time or frequently come back, it is best to visit your family doctor.


A healthy diet is certainly the best preventative method against thrushes. Immunity supporters are also beneficial, particularly vitamins C and B.

If you notice thrushes appearing after certain meals, it is best to avoid them. An additional, important factor is good personal hygiene. Do not forget to wash your hands and food products thoroughly before every meal.

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